High Point Wellness Centre is pleased to introduce Chiropractor

Dr. Bryon Weinberg, BA, CSCS, DC, Acu, ART™

Starting Monday September 9th, Dr. Weinberg will be providing services in:

  • Chiropractic
  • ART™
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports Rehabilitation


Dr. Weinberg is a graduate of the University of Hawaii, and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in addition to being a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  His athletic career saw him as an NCAA tennis and ATP world-ranked doubles player.  With a keen interest in optimizing performance, Dr. Weinberg co-founded Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA) which helps to identify muscle weakness, flexibility/ mobility issues and joint problems that may result in injury or decreased performance.  As a sports specialist he has travelled with Olympic medalist and top 10 world ranked female tennis player (Maria Kirilenko) providing movement assessments, treatment, rehabilitation, and training.
“Dr. Weinberg and the High Point Wellness Centre have allowed me to improve my performance on the tennis court through great assessment, treatment and an excellent rehabilitation program”  Maria Kirilenko (Former Top 10 Singles and Top 5 Doubles World Ranked Professional Tennis Player)