On Monday, October 16, 2017 the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) will host a World Spine Day 2017 educational event on Parliament Hill: Chiros on the Hill. Dr. Chapin, along with 5 other Chiropractors, will be educating Parliamentarians on chiropractor’s training and expertise of the spine, muscle and nervous system.

As one of the “Chiros on the Hill” events, Parliamentarians will meet with Dr. Chapin to learn more about World Spine Day and participate in a demonstration to highlight the training and expertise of chiropractors as spine, muscle, and nervous system experts. This event will afford the opportunity for MPs and senators to speak one-on-one with a chiropractor.

The second “Chiros on the Hill” event is a parliamentary reception, where MPs and senators along with their staff will be invited to come and engage in informal discussions with CCA staff and chiropractors (including Dr. Chapin) to learn about the important role chiropractors play in the healthcare teams of Canadians.

Both events are being sponsored by Liberal MP Bill Casey, Conservative MP (and chiropractor) Dr. Colin Carrie, and New Democratic Party MP Don Davies.

Follow the #ChirosOnTheHill hashtag on social media to see the events in action and contribute during what promises to be an important World Spine Day event!