High Point is offering comprehensive Health Screening service for our patients on Friday January 29, 8 am to 1 pm in the main HPWC clinic and the price is $45.  Each appointment is 30 minutes in length, and patients will go through 3 stations:

  • Height, weight and waist circumference will be measured
  • An RN will assess blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and cholesterol
  • Our ND will provide a body composition analysis and health summary

To book an appointment please call 905.624.0233.  SPACE IS LIMITED – BOOK NOW.

Why is Health Screening important?

Health screening is a proactive approach to support to patient health and lifestyle management.  It provides our patients with an opportunity to evaluate their health risk factors (cardiovascular, metabolic, chronic disease risk) and discuss their results with health care professionals in a safe, calm and relaxed environment.  It also raises the awareness of services provided by HPWC to support general health in addition to our musculo-skeletal care services.  The HPWC practitioner will help you to reach achievable health goals.

We look forward to bringing this exciting new service to our patients.