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Dr. Emily Danson – Chiropractor


  • University of Calgary, Bachelor of Kinesiology – 2006
  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) – 2010
  • McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider  -2010
  • Full Body Active Release Technique Provider (ART)TM
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI): Golf Certification

Clinical Focus: To help patients reach their optimal health goals by ensuring proper posture, muscular balance and strength, and full functional ability.

Athletic Focus: To provide a sport specific injury prevention program to support the athletes, to prevent injuries, and ultimately lead to optimal performance.

Clinical Passions:   Promote health and wellness through education for all patients. Treat, resolve, and prevent injuries. Help keep athletes in their sport and aid in reaching their athletic potential.

Quote: “Optimal health is different for everyone. My treatment approach is to work with individual patients to reach their goals. No matter the patient’s age or stage in life, treatment focuses on resolving the injury, however, for optimal health it also includes prevention of future injuries, increasing flexibility, strength, muscular balance, and thus achieving optimal health.

Career Highlights:   

  • Developed and implemented an Injury Prevention Program for Olympium Synchronize Swimming Club, Etobicoke Swim Club, and Etobicoke Royal York Football Club
  • Team chiropractor for Olympium Synchronize Swimming Club
  • Volunteer as the chiropractor at the Dawn til Dusk Ski Challenge for the Nik Zorcic Foundation