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High Point Wellness Centre (HPWC) has been providing clinical services for athletes, amateur and pro, since 1977.  Our success if reflected in the impressive achievements of our athletes.  With HPWC’s sports specific training and clinical support, athlete and teams are guided in their unique journey to peak performance.  HPWC is committed to clinical excellence that is catered to meet the individual specific needs of each athlete.   Our Sports Performance Program is designed to decrease the athletes risk of injury and optimize the individual and/or team performance.

The program consists of 3 stages


HPWC uses the Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA) protocol, which is designed to identify injury risk, performance directives, and strength and conditioning priorities. These sport specific movement screens help identify muscles weakness, flexibility issues, joint problems, and aberrant movement patterns that may result in injury or decreased performance. By identifying these imbalances, it allows for proper sport specific correction


All of the data and information gathered in the Assessment will be thoroughly analyzed by the HPWC team of clinicians using the AMA protocol. This protocol has been developed and adopted through the synthesis of the sport specific scientific literature and decades of clinical experience.


During the communication of findings, recommendations will be made in order to correct any dysfunctions and identify areas of suboptimal performance.  Recommendations may include: sport specific stretches, exercises, physical rehab services and/or motor pattern training



HPWC greatly values the trust and confidence our athletes and teams place in us. We recognize the variety of choices athletes have when selecting their care team. We honour your selection of HPWC as your preferred provider by providing our athletes with the following:


HPWC’s team represents 10 different health disciplines all focused on helping athletes achieve their peak performance and avoid injury. Our athletes are seen within 24 hours of an appointment request. Book an appointment directly with Dr. Tim Rindlisbacher, Sports Doctor.  Billable through OHIP.


Athletes will have access to HPWC’s extensive medical network.  For those requiring external referral we are able to provide access to world-class clinicians with limited wait times.


Getting athletes back to full health or making improvements to their training requires a cohesive team. Effective communication between coaches, trainers , parents and other providers is key to this success. HPWC works with all parties involved to ensure everyone is on the same page, in the best interest of the athlete’s health and performance.


Optimal performance is linked to the healthy interplay between the mind and body.  Approaches to training, injury prevention strategies, sports nutrition habits designed to enhance recovery and ability, as well as a positive mindset to sport are explored in a series of available workshops.