Golfers are no strangers to back pain. Each year, many golfers lose rounds due to back issues when they play. In the off-season, they may not have back pain, but as soon as they pick up the club, the back pain returns. So what if there was a way to predict if you’re going to experience back pain from golf?

In a study out of the journal Physical Therapy in Sport, the authors examined golfers before a season to determine what factors predicted future low back pain.They found that golfers with a greater than 12.5 second difference between their side plank endurance tests had more severe and more frequent episodes of back pain.

So what can you do? Train your core endurance! The side plank is an easy exercise to perform at home. With the guidance of a health professional, you can have your side plank evaluated and be shown proper technique on how to perform this exercise to create balance in your core. Stay tuned for a demo. Golf season has been delayed thanks to the snow, so now is the chance to start training for your first 18!


Dr. Patrick Welsh

BSc, DC, RCCSS(C) Sports Sciences Resident

High Point Wellness Centre