Spring in just around the corner, and naturally many people associate spring with new beginnings, cleaning and resetting. This Spring Reset Plan is like “spring-cleaning” for your body and mind!

A reset is a good idea for you if…

  • You have low energy
  • You don’t feel resilient mentally or emotionally
  • You’ve gained some undesired weight
  • You feel like you’ve fallen into a slump

So what’s involved?

This reset plan is a 2 week program that emphasizes putting into place health-promoting habits, and avoiding those things that don’t encourage our health or happiness. By the end, you will have more energy and feel like you are back on track with your health. This is not about perfection, the point is to stick with the healthy habits to the best of YOUR ability. If you make a mistake or slip up, don’t worry! Just get back on track.

The Reset Plan

  • Start each day with a large glass of water, and drink 2L more throughout the day.  If you’re not sure you’re getting enough, check your urine. It should be pale yellow in colour. Darker? Drink more water.
  • Eat real food. I suggest removal of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and all processed foods during any reset plan. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins are a-okay!
  • Move your body daily. Get up from your desk once per hour, or take a 30 minute walk after work. If you are already active then keep it up, but if not then choose some physical activity to add in.
  • Take 10 minutes to breathe. We breathe unconsciously, but take time each day to pay attention to breathing slowly all the way into your belly.
  • Change your thoughts. It is important to remind yourself that you always have control over what you are thinking about, and you can choose to re-frame your thoughts to be positive ones.

Dr. Vander Doelen is the Naturopathic Doctor at High Point Wellness Centre.   She is passionate about treating the cause of your symptoms or condition, and not just the symptoms or condition itself.