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Mission Statement   “To care for, educate and inspire our patients in their journey towards optimal health. “

We are a multidisciplinary health clinic in Mississauga, Ontario specializing in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.  We offer  a wide range of health care services, including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Active Release Therapy, and Acupuncture to name a few.  Since our start in 1977, we have evolved from a community-based chiropractic office to a specialized clinic which also delivers customized workplace-health solutions.

We provide exclusive workplace consulting health services and solutions that meets the business needs of private and public industries such as onsite treatment clinics, employee health screenings, wellness workshops, health promotion programming, and corporate wellness breaks.

In order to meet the demand from our patients, a pilot Toronto location was opened in January 2016 at Gravitate Studios (Avenue Road and Wilson Road area).  The pilot was a success, and we are searching for a permanent Toronto location to expand to.

Our History

1977- 2000

Clinic Was Founded

Dr. Bruce Fligg opens  “High Point Chiropractic and Holistic Health Clinic” in Mississauga,ON.
2001 - 2002

New Owner

Dr. Dwight Chapin buys High Point.  Clinic name changed to High Point Wellness Centre.  HPWC becomes the preferred provider for the Globe and Mail, in the management of repetitive strain injuries.

New Clinic Programs

Launch on-site pilot wellness clinics and programs for General Mills Canada, Canada Post Corporation and Bell Canada. 
2006 - 2008


HPWC builds new state-of-the-art clinic in the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation.  New corporate wellness clients include Enbridge Pipelines, Redpath, Pepsi, Kraft Canada, Lego Canada, AMAPECO, etc
2012 - 2013

New Developments & Partners

Develops Mental Health Webinar Series for Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS): becomes an ISAEC Clinic and preferred Provider for OSSC: Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club. HPWC partners with AMA (Athletic Movement Assessments) to provide sports related health evaluations.  Cleveland Clinic Canada Sports Doctor practices from HPWC
2014 - 2015

Continued Growth

High Point purchases Sawa Chiropractic and welcomes. Dr. Tom Sawa to the practice.  Dr. Chapin becomes team chiropractor for the Toronto Argonauts Football Team

Celebrating 40 years

High Point celebrates 40 years in business, 1977 – 2017

What Makes Us Different

  • Over 40 years of clinical  experience
  • Our state-of-the-art clinic located in Mississauga’s Centre for Health and Safety Innovation
  • Our large, multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers
  • Access to a network of specialists
  • Custom workplace wellness programming

Our Testimonials

About 10 months ago I got the crazy idea of walking the Camino de Santiago – a very long walk in North Western Spain.  At the time, I was 54 years old, overweight and in questionable shape.  Working full time in a sedentary job and spending what free time I had cheering on my daughter at track meets and soccer games, I rarely managed a 10,000 step day.  If I was to make my goal I would have to walk 3x that distance every day for 33 days.  Two weeks ago I completed my 740 km goal.  Dr. Chapin and his team were instrumental in setting me up for that success.  From my regular chiropractic treatments and cheering sessions with Dr. Chapin, to Gefe’s magical massages, and advice from a personal trainer and nutritionist, I was better prepared than many who were younger and fitter.  Thank you to the entire team at Highpoint.  You have helped me realize that anything is possible!.” 
Deb K- HPWC Patient (Nov 2017)
“Dr Chapin, thank you for helping with my current spine injury (it has turned the corner as you predicted) and for all the help and support that our family has received over the years.  You have patiently educated us, given us leading edge care and treated us with kindness, empathy and good humour when we were injured. We know that you sincerely care about our health and well-being and that sets you apart. We are very grateful to have you as our back doctor but also very grateful to have you as a friend.” 
David W- HPWC Patient
“Thanks for the continued wellness services provided to General Mills Canada.  Your diligent efforts in creating a variety of useful healthcare topics and programs over the last 8 years have been greatly appreciated.  We have been pleased by High Point’s consistent timely response in delivering engaging wellness programs that interest our employees.  Your extensive knowledge and expertise has provided us with the right tools and recommendations that directly impact the success of the health of our employees.  Thank you for all your efforts and we look forward to our continued relationship.” 
General Mills Canada- Mississauga
“The staff at High Point Wellness made my health and well-being a priority.  They dealt with my injury and provided me with a way to strengthen the affected areas to prevent reoccurrence.  Dwight, Victor and Stephanie, along with the reception staff treated me like I was a part of their family.  Thank you.” 
Chris Van Zeyl- #54 Toronto Argonauts
 “ I wanted to let you know that I had an awesome run far exceeding my 3:20 expectation and felt really good afterwards. I even surprised myself with a 3rd place podium finish for males 45-49 and qualified to run the Boston Marathon as well!!! No issues at all with the piriformis or any other glute muscles. Like you said, guess I peaked at the right time. Usual quad and hamstring tightness the day after but all else good. Will see you for a recovery appointment for this week. Thank you Dwight, Alison and Gefe for your help  making this happen.”   
Jeff B- Boston Marathon Qualifier, HPWC patient
 “The Globe and Mail has utilized High Point Wellness Centre’s services and quality of care since 2002.  Having an ongoing relationship with a proven healthcare provider has contributed to lowering our overall health plan costs.  Proactively addressing Repetitive Strain Injuries with a trusted provider is key when considering employee wellness.”   
Human Resources- The Globe and Mail
 “I came to Dr. Chapin and the Highpoint Wellness crew in pain. Sitting at my desk would be agonizing, and I would wake up in the mornings feeling tired, sore and older than my 30 years. A month later, and that pain seems like a lifetime ago. There are no quick fixes with the body, but Dr. Chapin, Dr. Danson and Victor have worked with me to get my body to a place where I can take the exercises they’ve given me, and strengthen and stretch out the parts that need attention.It feels good to have not accepted being in pain, and to have acted on it and to now be in a place where I feel as if I’m taking care of myself.”   
Rebecca V
 “Shortly into the new year I hurt my lower back in the gym.  For 2 weeks I was unable to standup straight, sit down, or lay down with out extreme pain. I called [HPWC] and to my surprise was given an appointment for the next day.  The Doctors and staff were amazing, they are committed to their patients’ well being and listen when concerns are shared.  Not only do the Doctors help deal with the issue at hand, they also focus on correcting the problem to prevent recurrence.  Dr. Chapin and his staff are truly committed to their patients well being.  I can’t thank them enough for their help in my injury.” 
Angie, Toronto- Client
“Two years ago, I was seriously concerned that I could be using a wheelchair if my leg problems did not improve. I had seen a host of doctors that were unable to determine the problem. Dr. Chapin advised me that within a couple of weeks of treatment, I would notice an improvement in my condition and I did. Within less than one month I made so much improvement that I requested to return to regular work duties after being in an accommodated position for over a year and a half. I highly recommend High Point Wellness Centre to any person looking for professional services from people that are well trained and really care. ”   
Tony - Peel Regional Police Officer
“Visitors to the Centre have the opportunity to participate in special classes and information sessions that are facilitated or led by HPWC clinicians. Repeat visitors can also take advantage of the opportunity to book a treatment when they know they are going to be onsite. Not only is this convenient for our visitors, but it contributes to the overall value proposition for the Centre.” 
Elizabeth Mills- President CEO of WSPS
“I love any endurance sports and especially long distance running.  As I started getting serious, I developed some injuries and decided to get some professional help. The physiotherapy clinic close to my home not have enough knowledge about sport injuries, so  I went High point clinic for convenience as it was close to my work. I first met with Dr. Emily Danson. and she was able to quickly diagnose what was wrong with me, treated me and advised me to wear orthotics. I still developed some minor injuries due to “bad” running form, wearing worn out shoes, and increasing the mileage too rapidly.  Each time I went back to High Point and met with a physiotherapist (Alison Lackey or Henry Truong) and every time the treatment was efficient and they were able to “fix” me. This year I had a goal to run a 50 mile race.  Half way through the training I felt a sharp pain in my Achilles. I had to stop training but I wasn’t ready to give the up the race. I went back to High Point and Alison and Henry identified the issue, treated me, gave me advice on how to train through my injury without making it worse. I ran my 50 mile race and felt nothing in my joints, ligaments…. it was a perfect feeling. I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish my goal without the help of Dr. Danson, Alison and Henry at  High Point Clinic and I am very thankful.” 
Greg A- Satisfied Patient
“I wanted to let you know that my left foot feels amazing  The cramp that I have had forever, now is much less.  I will continue to ice and to work the tennis ball.  Thank you Dr. Chapin!” 
Keith- Globe & Mail Patient