Spring Total Body Detox Program 

Why Detox?
The body is constantly faced with an onslaught of “toxins” – via the foods we eat, the environment around us, even day-to-day stress can be considered a toxin. We naturally use our skin, liver, kidneys, lungs and digestive tract to eliminate toxins from the body, but it is not uncommon that these organs become overburdened and need some extra support! Detoxification is an important part of general health promotion and maintenance, but can also help to treat many common health concerns:

-Weight Gain
-Muscle & Joint Pain
-Gas, bloating and other digestive concerns
-Chronic Respiratory infections, allergies, and sinus congestion
-Fatigue & Low energy
-PMS and other menstrual concerns
-Anxiety & Low Mood
-Acne, eczema and other skin concerns

Why See a Naturopathic Doctor to Do a Detox?

There are numerous “detox” products out there – so why can’t we just drink a tea or take a supplement to do this?
We believe that proper detoxification to have you feeling your best, is a lifestyle change! Naturopathic Detoxification is based on basic dietary changes, self-care treatments, and individualized supplementation based on your needs.  Naturopathic Doctors are trained in the diagnosis and assessment of health conditions, and in the prescription of natural supplements for detoxification purposes. Detox programs administered by a Naturopathic Doctor ensure that you are receiving treatment that is thorough, safe and tailored to suit your health care needs.

What Does this Detox Program Entail?
-3 Individual Naturopathic Visits
biweekly email newsletters with recipes, tips & educational info
-1 Thorne MediClear MultiVitamin/Mineral Supplement
-A healthier, happier YOU!

When and Where?
Please contact High Point Wellness Centre for more details about our spring detox program.  905 624 0233